Mitsuru Yamada - A Pathway of Kimball and Shortley Method

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Title: (in Japanese) "Kimball Shortley ho-u no komiti" (2008)

  Publisher: Society of Toukyo Book Publication ( Tokyo Tosho   Shuppankai)

  ISBN: 978-4-86223-331-8

  Price: about 16 US$


  The author has been interested in one method for solving   Screodinger eigenvalue equation from his student time.

  After 30 years from graduation, he has obtained a time to   investigate much more.

  This is the representation of the various findings that the   author has found.

  Usually, numerical methods assume a lattice. Then how many   lattice points is most efficient and time saved?

  The method is iteration of approximation, so how many number of   iteration is good?

  The original paper of the Kimball and Shortley introduces only   the case of one-dimensional study.

  Can we extend the their method to two-dimensional study, or   three-dimensionbal study?

  The author has answered these quastions using and depending a   notion of "local energy."

  Address (URL): http://