Mitsuru Yamada - A Model of Quantum Mechanical Transition

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Title: (language in Japanese) "Ryoushirikigakuteki joutaisenni no   mokei" (2008).

  Publisher: Society of Tokyou Tosho Publication (Tokyo Tosho   Shuppankai)

  ISBN: 978-4-86223-246-5

  Price: about 15 US$


  A simple 1-dimensional 2-body system was examined if it can show   a quantum mechanical transion behavior.

  As a result of research, it was found that the quantum mechanical   transition can really occur using the time dependent Schroedinger   equation by only introducing an ephemeralk cross coupling   potential term as an external perturbation. This book was   self-pblished in the year 2008. Certainly, if the values of the   parameters( intensity and time duration of the ephemeral   coupling) are correctly selected, then the quantum mechanical   wave functions transform from eingenstate to another one exactly.   But even after 5 years after the publication, the author himself   cannot unserstand the reason why the values of parameters should   be such numbers, along with the physiscal meaning of the   ephemeral coupling potential.

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