Rita Mustikasari - Involving Communities, A Guide to the Negotiated Approach in Integrated Water Resources Management

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  Involving Communities, A Guide to the Negotiated Approach in   Integrated Water Resources Management. 2011. Both ENDS and   Gomukh.


This book provides the keys to the Negotiated Approach. It spells out the
  vision, principles and distinguishing features of the approach,   and describes frameworks for negotiations and strategic   management. But we also hope to show that the Negotiated Approach   is not only a concept and set of principles, but a tangible way   forward once participants are willing to become involved in   its
  application and accept the challenging paradigm shift in thinking   that it invites.
  With this book we also want to support those NGOs that are   already involved in strengthening the capacity of local actors to   manage their water resources.

It is our ambition to convince national and international water policy and lawmakers that without the Negotiated Approach, implementation of genuine participatory IWRM at ground level is unlikely to happen. We hope to persuade them that the approach should become part of national and international water management frameworks, and be replicated and upscaled in different countries.

We trust that our work over the last decade is adopted by many others, and implemented in a variety of ways and in diverse socio-economic contexts. In particular, we aspire that rivers will once again flow freely, for the benefit of the many communities that depend on them.

Vijay Paranjpye, Gomukh

Danielle Hirsch, Both ENDS

  Address (URL): http://air.telapak.org/publikasi/buku?start=5