Dan Lehnherr - Synthesis and Electronic Properties of Conjugated Pentacene Dimers

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      D. Lehnherr, J. Gao, F.A. Hegmann, R.R. Tykwinski, Organic   Letters 2008, 10, 4779-4782


      Conjugated   pentacene dimers 13 were   synthesized in two steps from readily available precursors.   Noteworthy is the initial step, which assembles five independent   fragments to form the carbon-rich molecular framework.   Solution-cast films of these materials are air stable.   Photocurrent measurements for solution-deposited thin films show   that dimer 3 exhibits photoconductive gain   >10.

      Address (URL): http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ol801886h