Hiroshi Saeki - Method to compensate radiation-induced errors in a hot-cathode-ionization gauge with correcting electrode

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  J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 29(6), 061601-1 - 061601-4 (2011).


        07.30.Dz              Vacuum gauges      
        82.45.Fk              Electrodes      


  A previous method to compensate radiation-induced errors caused   by the synchrotron radiation environment used a   hot-cathode-ionization gauge with correcting electrode and shield   tube. This compensating method was based on an approximate   formula, and the compensated pressure measurement displayed large   errors for pressures below ∼10−7 Pa. To overcome this problem, a new   method, based on an exact formula, and use of precision   electrometers, has now been developed and tested in a simulation   experiment with excess electrons. This method reduced the   pressure-measurement error to approximately 1% and is not   restricted to use in a specific pressure range, even without use   of a shield tube, unlike the previous method. The experimental   result suggests that the new compensating method can be used in   severe synchrotron radiation environments with photoelectrons.

  Address (URL): http://avspublications.org/jvsta/resource/1/jvtad6/v29/i6/p061601_s1