Richard Jarman - Modified Bridgman Growth of Oriented Er-Doped and Tm-Doped BaY2-xYbxF8 Crystals for Upconversion Laser Operation

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  Modified   Bridgman Growth of Oriented Er-Doped and Tm-Doped   BaY2-xYbxF8 Crystals for   Upconversion Laser Operation, J.J. Owen, A.K. Cheetham, N.A.   Nighman, R.H. Jarman and R.J. Thrash, J. Opt. Soc Am. B,   11, 919   (1994).


    High-quality, oriented crystals of BaY1.5Yb0.49Er0.01F8    have been grown under hydrogen fluoride from   BaYYbF8    seed crystals by a gradient-freeze, stationary-solidification   modification of the vertical Bridgman method. Emission spectra   obtained parallel and perpendicular to [010] show marked   anisotropy. The room-temperature upconversion laser threshold for   the   4F9/2    -4I15/2    transition at 670 nm (with 960-nm pumping from a   titanium:sapphire laser) with the output propagating   perpendicular to [010] is approximately two thirds that when   propagating parallel to [010], consistent with the differences   observed in fluorescence emission spectra obtained for the two   polarizations.

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