Richard Jarman - High-Efficiency, Broadly Tunable Continuous-Wave Cr2+:ZnSe Laser

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  High-Efficiency,   Broadly Tunable Continuous-Wave Cr2+:ZnSe Laser, G.J.   Wagner, T.J. Carrig, R.H. Jarman, R.H. Page, K.I. Schaffers,   J.-O. Ndap, X. Ma and A. Burger, Optical Society of America,   Advanced Solid State Lasers, Boston (1998).


    We report room-temperature operation of an all solid-state,   continuous-wave Cr2+:ZnSe laser. The laser was pumped by a   Tm:YALO laser operating at 1940 nm. Demonstrated Cr:ZnSe laser   results include: output power of 380 mW, an absorbed power slope   efficiency of 63%, an absorbed power threshold as low as 98 mW,   and continuous tunability from 2138 to 2760 nm. All Cr:ZnSe laser   crystals were prepared by the diffusion doping technique.

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