Richard Jarman - A Study of the Mixed Na1-xLix Zeolite A System by Powder X-ray Diffraction

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  A Study of the   Mixed Na1-xLix Zeolite A System by Powder   X-ray Diffraction, J.M. Newsam, R.H. Jarman and A.J. Jacobson, J.   Solid State Chem., 58, 325 (1985).


    A simple analysis of the ratios of selected X-ray powder   diffraction intensities from anhydrous sodiumlithium zeolite A   samples, Na12−xLixSi12    Al12O48,   shows that Li replaces Na in site I for 0 ≤   x   ≤ 8. This result is discussed in relation to previously   reported   29Si   NMR data and a model is presented for the cation ordering scheme   in the anhydrous mixed material with   x   = 4. Changes in the X-ray pattern with external water vapor   pressure are also described.

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