Richard Jarman - An Investigation of the Phase Equilibria in the System MoO3-V2Ox (4<x<5) by Analytical Electron Microscopy

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  An Investigation   of the Phase Equilibria in the System   MoO3-V2Ox (4<x<5) by   Analytical Electron Microscopy, R.H. Jarman and A.K. Cheetham,   Mater. Res. Bull., 17, 1011 (1982).


    The β-phase in the system MoO3V2Ox    (4 < x < 5) has been prepared at temperatures between 500   and 600°C, and the products characterized by analytical electron   microscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. The M3O8    stoichiometry is retained at all temperatures, but the cation   ratio varies from approximately (V0.5Mo0.5)3O8    at 500°C to (V0.6Mo0.4)3O8    at 600°C.

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