Richard Jarman - Structural Characterization of Synthetic Gallium Mazzite

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  Structural   Characterization of Synthetic Gallium Mazzite, J.M. Newsam, R.H.   Jarman and A.J. Jacobson, Mater. Res. Bull., 20, 125 (1985).


    The structure of dehydrated gallium mazzite, Na4Si14Ga4O36    - a synthetic zeolite, has been determined by full profile   analysis of powder neutron diffraction data collected on the new   powder diffractometer of the Missouri University Research Reactor   facility. The hexagonal structure, space group   P63/mmc,   is similar to that previously reported for the natural mineral   mazzite. The partitioning of gallium over the two inequivalent   tetrahedral sites is found to be random. Framework vacancies are   also observed.

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