Richard Jarman - On the Interpretation of 29Si NMR Spectra of Zeolites: Synthetic Mazzite

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      On the   Interpretation of 29Si NMR Spectra of Zeolites:   Synthetic Mazzite, R.H. Jarman, A.J. Jacobson and M.T. Melchior,   J. Phys. Chem., 88, 5748 (1984).


      Interpretation of the 29Si NMR spectrum of synthetic mazzite,   which has a structure containing inequivalent crystallographic

      silicon atoms, has been made using existing information about the   sensitivity of 29Si chemical shifts to framework topology

      and gallium substitution. The assignment of the spectrum has been   substantiated by comparison with elemental analysis

      data and by using a chemical model for the Si-Al distribution to   calculate the spectral intensities.

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