Richard Jarman - Type-II Phase-Matched KNbO3 Optical Parametric Oscillator

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      Type-II   Phase-Matched KNbO3 Optical Parametric Oscillator,   W.R. Bosemberg and R.H. Jarman, Optics Letters, 18, 1323 (1993).


        A Type-II phase-matched KNbO3    optical parametric oscillator (OPO) pumped at 1.064 µm is   described. Calculations shown that the full tuning range of 1.4   to 4.2 µm is attainable, that the peak nonlinear drive is   achieved near the ø = 45° plane, and that the walk-off angles for   this interaction are a maximum of ~3°. The tuning curve in the ø   = 45° plane was experimentally verified, and the OPO was operated   at signal and idler wavelengths of 1.87 and 2.47 µm,   respectively. The relative OPO thresholds measured here indicate   that the effective nonlinear coefficient for the Type-II   interaction is smaller than that of the corresponding Type-I   interaction.

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