Artem Kireev - Structural Simplification of Bioactive Natural Products with Multicomponent Synthesis. 4. 4H-Pyrano-[2,3-b]naphthoquinones with Anticancer Activity

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      Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2012, 22, 5195


      4H-Pyrano-[2,3-b]naphthoquinone is a structural   motif commonly found in natural products manifesting anticancer   activities. As part of a program aimed at structural   simplification of bioactive natural products utilizing   multicomponent synthetic processes, we developed a compound   library based on this heterocyclic scaffold. We found that   several library members displayed low micromolar   antiproliferative activity and induced apoptosis in human cancer   cells. Selected compounds showed promising activity against   cancer cell lines resistant to proapoptotic stimuli,   demonstrating their potential in treating cancers with dismal   prognoses.

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