Quan-Fang Wang - Quan-Fang Wang, Viacheslav P. Belavkin, Quantum control  for Bose-Einstein condensates with demonstration,

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      Quan-Fang Wang, Viacheslav P. Belavkin, Quantum control for   Bose-Einstein condensates with demonstration,

      Cybernetic And Physics 1(2), pp. 144-153, 2012.


      [Abstract] In this paper, Bose-Einstein-condensates (BEC) is   regarded as the target control system, which described by   nonlinear Gross-Pitaevskii equation with electromagnetic field.   Standing on the viewpoint of mathematics and physics, a complete   synthesis for controlling of particles in BEC status will be   considered using fundamental analysis based upon variational   framework in Hilbert space theoretically, although it’s not quite   clear to execute with present quantum optical equipments, such as   laser cooling, optical lattices. Particularly, the numerical   experimental results are simulated to provide the interpretation   of controlling process by properly physical parameter selecting.

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