Olisa Menakaya - Life of a black chemist (L.O.A.B.C): A novel method of education and entertainment using global video-sharing

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  Menakaya, Olisa K.

  From Abstracts of Papers, 245th ACS National Meeting &   Exposition, New Orleans, LA, United States, April 7-11, 2013   (2013), BMGT-13.


  Crit. importance for minorities to pursue opportunities in global   leadership and entrepreneurial fields of science is increasing.   An overview from Olisa Menakaya, a chem. graduate student at   Tennessee State University (TSU), a Historically Black Colleges   and Universities (HBCU), build an interest for a video-sharing   business from the foundation of success in public outreach,   academia improvement, and collaboration with different divisions   of ACS. Many people who are interested in understanding how a   small business can be utilized to further help entertain younger   generations while globally contributed to education, would be   able to learn from this startup and even be able to get some   ideas in understanding how social media is important for   sciences.

  Address (URL): http://scifinder.cas.org