Quan-Fang Wang - [New book] Quan-Fang Wang, Practical Application for Optimal Control Theory

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Quan-Fang Wang, Practical Application for Optimal Control Theory,

  Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011.


  [Abstract] This monograph presented recent years cutting-edge   research papers on applied mathematics and its related fields,   such as computer science, physics, chemistry and so forth.   Optimal control theory had been applied to neural networks,   quantum systems (e.g. Klein-Gordon-Schrodinger equation,   Klein-Gordon-Maxwell equation, meson exchange effect, nuclear   reaction,etc) as well as inverse problems. Especially, the   corresponding computational approach is adequately executed   together with resultant theoretical conclusions for interpreting   each other. The inherent connection with realistic issues would   become a promising direction in future insight. It would be quite   interesting to develop the interdisciplinary research to a wide   class areas.

  Address (URL): https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/practical-application-of-optimal-control- theory/isbn/978-3-8465-5464-7