Olisa Menakaya - Heavy metal separation: Could there be a silver bullet?

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  Menakaya, Olisa K.; Siddiquee, Tasneem A.

  From Abstracts of Papers, 245th ACS National Meeting &   Exposition, New Orleans, LA, United States, April 7-11, 2013   (2013), COLL-444.


  Development of a simple metal ion sepn. method will be discussed,   where pptn. chem. will be utilized. Recently, there have been   concerns about the fate of sepd. wastes. Sepn. methods that can   sep. the waste into useful materials can be the answer to these   concerns. When designing such a sepn. method, much attention was   paid, so that the sepd. materials can served some useful   purposes. As representative metal ion solns., Cu2+ and Co2+ where   treated, and the results of these studies will be presented.

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