Olisa Menakaya - Synthesis, characterization and molecular structures of cobalt (II) complexes with PNP ligand

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  Goni, Md. A.; Menakaya, Olisa K.; Cappadona, Taylor A.;   Siddiquee, Tasneem A.

  From Abstracts of Papers, 243rd ACS National Meeting &   Exposition, San Diego, CA, United States, March 25-29, 2012   (2012), INOR-1220.


  Transition metal complexes with high electron donating tridentate   pincer type ligands have been the subject of considerable   research for their role in catalysis. The reactivity of pincer   ligand, 2,6-bis(di-tert-butyl-phosphinomethyl) pyridine to   transition-metal, representative lanthanide and actinide halide   compds. are being studied in our labs. The complexes are analyzed   by NMR, IR and elemental anal. techniques. For some complexes   single crystal X-ray diffraction anal. was performed. Solid   structure provides the mol. geometry of the compds. and also   shows that in all complexes the pyridine unit in the ligand is   coordinated to the metal center. Here we report the complexation   study of Co(II) with the PNP ligand.

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