Ma Martin Sanchez - Aportaciones de Alan Turing al ámbito de la química: Teoría de la morfogénesis e interpretación de algunas reacciones químicas

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      An. Quím. 2012, 108(3), 322–327


      Abstract: We celebrate the centenary of the birth of Alan Tiring   in 2012. In this article, we want to highlight the relationship   between some

      Turing’s ideas and chemistry. The mathematician Alan Turing,   known as one of the fathers of computer science wrote only a   paper related to

      chemistry (in 1952), but it has been fundamental to explain the   morphogenesis (the biological process that causes an organism to   develop its

      shape) through a chemical reaction and a diffusion process. Many   more processes of nature give rise to those known as Turing’s   Patterns, as

      well as spectacular chemical reactions such as the oscillating   reactions.

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