Jakub Gac - Turbulent flow energy for aerosolization of powder particles

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  Journal of Aerosol Science, 39 (2008) 113–126


  The process of re-entrainment and re-dispersion of powder   particles is studied both theoretically and experimentally in   order to discuss the possibilities of improvement of the quality   of aerosol emitted from dry powder inhalers (DPI). The eddy fluid   particle model (EFPM) is employed to solve turbulent flow   structure in the microscale in a channel with various types of   turbulence promoters. The resuspension process caused by the gas   shearing forces is modeled with the Verlet algorithm taking into   account the inter-particle cohesive interactions. Nondimensional   numbers are introduced to define the domains of powder   aerosolization. Computational results indicate the importance of   the geometry of turbulence promoters for powder re-entrainment   (fluidization) and de-aggregation of particle clusters. The   theoretical findings, are supported by experimental results   obtained in a model resuspension chamber with a pharmaceutical   powder (disodium cromoglycate). A noticeable increase of emission   and re-dispersion was obtained at low airflow rates due to the   use of turbulence promoters mounted in the vicinity of the powder   layer. The corresponding increase of flow resistance is   acceptable in respect to the practical application in DPIs.

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