Lei Gao - Synthesis and Characterization of Azadipyrromethene-alt-p-Phenylene Ethynylene Conjugated Polymers and Their Chelates

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Macromolecules,2012, 45 (18), pp 7404–7412

Publication Date (Web): September 13, 2012(Article)

DOI: 10.1021/ma301399x


    Several n-type conjugated polymers incorporating azadipyromethene   (aza-DIPY) dyes in the main chain were synthesized by Sonogashira   coupling of bisiodo(tetraphenylazadipyrromethene)s with   1,4-bis((2-ethylhexyl)oxy)-2,5-diethynylbenzene. Using branched   alkoxy groups on the diethynylbenzene comonomer resulted in   polymers with higher molecular weight and higher solubility in   organic solvents than our previous report with dodecylalkoxy   groups. The physical properties of these polymers were further   tuned by coordination of the aza-DIPY moiety with   BF2,   Cu(I)PEt3,   or Ag(I)PEt3    via a postpolymerization reaction. Coordination with the   electron-deficient BF2resulted   in improved solubility in organic solvents, higher electron   affinity (4.5   eV), lower LUMO energy levels (<−5.6 eV), and lower optical   bandgaps (<1.34 eV) than the unchelated precursor.   Coordination with the electron-rich Cu(I) and Ag(I) metals   resulted in higher optical bandgaps (1.5 eV) and higher ****   (−5.3 eV) and LUMO (−4.0 eV) energy levels. X-ray diffraction of   the polymers in the solid state showed a lamellar spacing that   varied with the solubilizing groups.

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