Kishor Sarkar - PAMAM conjugated chitosan through naphthalimide moiety for enhanced gene transfection efficiency

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Journal- Carbohydrate Polymers

  Vol- 98

  Year- 2013

  Pages- 495-504

  Citation- 1


    Development of efficient and safe gene carrier is the main hurdle   for successful gene therapy till date. Poor water solubility and   low transfection efficiency of chitosan are the main drawbacks to   be efficient gene carrier for successful gene therapy. In this   work, PAMAM conjugated chitosan was prepared through   naphthalimide moiety by simple substitution reaction. The   synthesis of the chitosan conjugates was confirmed by   FTIR,   1H   NMR and XRD analyses. The conjugates showed enhanced DNA binding   capability compared to that of unmodified chitosan. Moreover, the   conjugates showed minimal cytotoxicity compared to that of   polyethyleneimine (PEI, 25 kDa) and also showed good blood   compatibility with negligible haemolysis. The transfection   efficiency of the conjugate was significantly increased compared   to that of unmodified chitosan and it also surpassed the   transfection efficiency by PEI. Therefore, PAMAM conjugated   chitosan can be used safely as alternate efficient gene delivery   vector in gene therapy.

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