Kishor Sarkar - Blood compatible N-maleyl chitosan-graft-PAMAM copolymer forenhanced gene transfection

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  Journal- Carbohydrate Polymers

  Volume- 98

  Year- 2013

  Pages- 596– 606

  Citation- 0


    To improve transfection efficiency, we prepared N-maleyl   chitosan-graft-polyamidoamine   (NMCTS-graft-PAMAM)   copolymer. Self-assembled NMCTS-graft-PAMAM/pDNA   complexes were prepared by complex coacervation method at   different N/P (nitrogen to phosphate ratio) ratios. The copolymer   effectively formed complexes with pDNA at lower N/P ratio (N/P   ratio 1.0) than that of unmodified chitosan (N/P ratio 2.0) and   the complexes were spherical with particle size of 100–150 nm.   The copolymer showed significant protection of DNA from nuclease   attack with lower toxicity against HeLa cell. The copolymer also   showed no noticeable hemolytic effects up to 10 mg/mL indicating   no detectable disturbance of the red blood cell membranes. The   transfection efficiency of the copolymer was increased   significantly compared to that of chitosan and reached up to 36 ±   2% at N/P ratio 7.0 which was higher than that of PEI (30 ± 3% at   N/P ratio 10). Therefore, the copolymer may be a strong   alternative candidate as effective nonviral vector.

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