Abhiram Arunkumar - Method of chromatographic analysis of whey protein dextran glycation products

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  S. Allelein, A. Arunkumar, M.R. Etzel (2012), J. Chrom. A. 1270,   330


  A chromatographic method for the analysis of whey protein isolate   (WPI)–dextran glycates was developed


  in this work that is useful for quantification of sample purity   and concentration, and as a


  sample-preparation method for subsequent analysis by gel   electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and laser-light


  scattering. Glycation was by the Maillard reaction between WPI   and dextran of 3 different sizes. Glycate


  fractions from each dextran were collected and analyzed by   fluorescent and glycoprotein staining


  of gels, bicinchoinic acid protein assay, and static and dynamic   laser light scattering. The weight-average


  molecular mass of the glycates was 27–34 kDa (from 3.5 kDa   dextran), 32–39 kDa (from 10 kDa dextran),


  and 250–270 kDa (from 150 kDa dextran). The new method was used   to characterize the kinetics


  of the glycation reaction, which followed a reversible pseudo   first-order model. The kinetics of decomposition


  of the purified glycate by hydrolysis was also examined. The new   method is rapid (25 min)


  and quantitative, and is the first chromatographic method for   direct analysis of WPI-dextran glycation



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