Jeremy Steinbacher - Enhanced Uptake of Porous Silica Microparticles by Bifunctional Surface Modification with a Targeting Antibody and a Biocompatible Polymer

Document created by Jeremy Steinbacher on Aug 22, 2014
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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Cheng, Kai, Blumen, Steven R., MacPherson,   Maximilian B., Steinbacher, Jeremy L., Mossman, Brooke T.,   Landry, Christopher C., ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,   2010, 2 (9), pp 2489-2495

  Abstract: Strategies were developed by which   mesoporous microparticles were modified on their external   surfaces with tetraethylene glycol (TEG), a protein, or both,   leaving the pore surfaces available for modification with a   separate moiety, such as a dye. Only particles bifunctionally   modified with both TEG and a cell-specific antibody were taken up   specifically by a targeted cancer cell line. In contrast to   similarly functionalized nanoparticles, endocytosed   microparticles were not contained within a lysosome.

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