Arijit Das - New Innovative Methods for Determination of Spin Multiplicity, Spin State and Magnetic Properties of Diatomic Hetero Nuclear Molecules or Ions in a Very Short Interval of Time

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    Indian Journal of Applied Research, 3(8), p67 (2013), ISSN(Online)-2249-555X, IF-0.8215(2012)

      Publication Date: Aug 3, 2013

      Publication Name: International Institute of Fundamental   Research(IIFR), Global Research Journal

      DR   ARIJIT DAS, Ph.D., MACS(Invited, USA), FICS,FISC,FIAFS (India) -   Google Scholar Citations


        Evaluation of spin-multiplicity value is a vitally important tool   for prediction of spin state of atoms, molecules, ions or   co-ordination complexes to students of chemistry in   undergraduate, graduate and also in post-graduate level students   for solving different kinds of problems. This new innovative   method has to be introduced for   the calculation of spin-multiplicity value in the easiest way by   ignoring the calculation of total spin quantum number (S =Σs).   Another method has also to be introduced for resolving magnetic   nature of diatomic heteronuclei molecules or ions in a very   simple way.

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