Christopher Lipinski - 2-Amino- and 2-guanidino-4-thiazolylpyrimidines

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Lipinski, Christopher A., Craig, Rebecca   H., Wright, Roger B., Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry,   1985, 22 (6), pp 1723-1726

  Abstract: The synthesis of the four possible   2-amino- and 2-guanidino- 4-(2-amino- and   2-guanidinothiazolyl)pyrimi-dines is described and pKa. values   are calculated. Guanidinopyrimidines are more basic than   guanidinothiazoles. However, the reverse is true of the   corresponding amino heterocycles; the amino thiazole is more   basic than the amino pyrimidine.

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