Arijit Das - New Methods for Prediction of Bond Order of Mono and Diatomic **** and Hetero Nuclear Molecules or Ions Having (1-20) E¯S and Oxide Based Acid Radicals Without MOT – A Rapid Innovative Approach

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    Indian Journal of Applied Research,03(11), pp 41-43, Nov-2013 issue, ISSN - 2249-555X, IF-0.8215

      Publication Date: Nov 1, 2013

      Publication Name: International Institute of Fundamental   Research (IIFR), GRJ

      DR   ARIJIT DAS, Ph.D., MACS(Invited, USA), FICS,FISC,FIAFS (India) -   Google Scholar Citations


        Prediction of bond order is of vital important to students of   Chemistry for solving different kinds of problems related to bond   length, bond strength, bond dissociation energy, thermal   stability and reactivity. Keeping this in mind, a new innovative   method is presented for calculation of bond order of molecules   and ions having total electrons (01-20) in a very simple and time   saving manner. This method is applicable for mono atomic and   diatomic molecules and   ions such as CO, NO+, O22+ etc. and is not applicable for   polyatomic molecules such as BF3, CH4, CO2 etc.

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