Arijit Das - Synthesis and characterization of mixed ligand complexes of cobalt(II) with some nitrogen and sulfur donors

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  Journal of Coordination Chemistry, Taylor & Francis,   62(16), p2745, Aug-2009

Publication Date: Aug 20, 2009, Publication Name: Taylor & Francis Pub., London, U.K.

DR ARIJIT DAS, Ph.D., MACS(Invited, USA), FICS,FISC,FIAFS (India) - Google Scholar Citations


    Mixed ligand complexes of Co(II) with nitrogen and sulfur donors,   Co(OPD)(S–S).2H2O and Co(OPD)(S–S)L2   [OPD=o-phenylenediamine;   S–S = 1,1-dicyanoethylene-2,2-dithiolate (i-MNT2-) or   1-cyano-1-carboethoxyethylene-2,2-dithiolate (CED2); L¼pyridine   (py), a-picoline (a-pic),b-picoline (b-pic), or g-picoline   (g-pic)], have been isolated and characterized by analytical   data, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility, electronic, and   infrared spectral studies. The molar conductance data reveal   non-electrolytes in DMF. Magnetic moment values suggest low-spin   and high-spin complexes. The electronic spectral studies suggest   distorted octahedral stereochemistry around Co(II) in these   complexes. Infrared spectral studies suggest bidentate chelating   behavior of i-MNT2-, CED2-, or OPD while other ligands are   unidentate in their complexes.

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