Arijit Das - Synthesis, characterization, luminescent properties and biological activity studies of mixed ligand complexes of nickel (II) with sulphur and some nitrogen donors

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Publication date: 2013/2
  Journal name: Journal of Indian Chemical   Society
  Volume: 90
  Pages: 163
  Publisher: Indian Chemical   Society


    Mixed ligand complexes of Ni(II) ion with   1-cyano-l-carboethoxy   ethylene-2,2-dithiolate {CED2– = [S2C=C(COOC2H5)(CN)]2–} and   heterocyclic nitrogen bases such as pyridine (py), Da-picoline   (Da-pic), Eb-picoline (Eb-pic) or Jg-picoline (Jg-pic) have been   isolated and characterized by analytical data and   physico-chemical techniques such as molar conductance, magnetic   susceptibility, electronic, infrared and fluorescence spectral   studies. The complexes do not decompose up to 300 ºC and are only   soluble in coordinating solvents such as DMF and DMSO. The molar   conductance data of complexes in DMF solution show its non   electrolytic nature. The magnetic moment values of the complexes   indicate paramagnetic character corresponding to two unpaired   electrons. Distorted octahedral stereochemistry around Ni(II) ion   in these complexes have been proposed on magnetic and electronic   spectral studies. Infrared spectral studies suggest bidentate   chelating behaviour of CED2– ion and unidentate behavior of   nitrogen donors in these complexes.

    Fluorescence study of the complexes show the binding of ligand to   metal. These complexes also show antibacterial and antifungal   activity in vitro.

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