Grant Johnson - Oxidation of CO by aluminum oxide cluster ions in the gas-phas

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  Volume:   112

    Issue: 21

    Pages: 4732-4735


Published: MAY 29 2008


    Small aluminum oxide cluster cations and anions, produced by   laser vaporization, were investigated regarding their reactivity   toward CO and N2O employing guided-ion-beam mass spectrometry.   Clusters with the same stoichiometry as bulk alumina, Al2O3,   exhibited atomic oxygen transfer products when reacted with CO,   suggesting the formation of CO2. Anionic clusters were less   reactive than cations but showed higher selectivity towards the   transfer of only a single oxygen atom. Cationic clusters, in   contrast, exhibited additional products corresponding to the   sequential transfer of two oxygen atoms and the loss of an   aluminum atom. To determine if these stoichiometric clusters   could be generated from oxygen-deficient species, clusters having   a stoichiometry with one less oxygen atom than bulk alumina,   Al2O2, were reacted with N2O. Cationic clusters were found to be   selectively oxidized to Al2O3+ while anionic clusters added both   one and two oxygen atoms forming Al2O3- and Al2O4-. The   oxygen-rich Al2O4- Cluster exhibited comparable reactivity to   Al2O3 when reacted with CO.

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