Grant Johnson - Clusters as model systems for investigating nanoscale oxidation catalysis

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  Volume:   475

    Issue: 1-3

    Pages: 1-9


Published: JUN 16 2009


    Gas-phase cluster reactivity experiments, combined with   theoretical calculations, provide insight into how factors such   as size, stoichiometry and charging effects influence reactions   promoted by metal and metal oxide catalysts. In this Letter, we   describe the use of clusters to investigate the role of different   types of oxygen centers in catalytic oxidation reactions. First,   we focus on recent results from our laboratory concerning the   oxidation of carbon monoxide by gold clusters and how the charge   state of the cluster determines the mechanism of oxidation. We   then discuss how radical oxygen centers in zirconium oxide   clusters promote the oxidation of carbon monoxide, ethylene and   acetylene and how charge state may be used to tune the   selectivity of these reactions. An overview of future directions   for the research is given in conclusion.

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