Grant Johnson - Preparation of Surface Organometallic Catalysts by Gas-Phase Ligand Stripping and Reactive Landing of Mass-Selected Ions

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  Volume:   16

    Issue: 48

    Pages: 14433-14438


Published: 2010


    Organometallic complexes immobilized on surfaces combine the high   selectivity of homogeneous catalysts with the ease of separation   of catalyst from products attainable with heterogeneous   catalysts. Here we report a novel approach for the highly   controlled preparation of surface organometallic catalysts by   gas-phase ligand stripping combined with reactive landing of   mass-selected ions onto self-assembled monolayer surfaces.   Collision-induced dissociation is used to generate highly   reactive undercoordinated metal complexes in the gas-phase for   subsequent surface immobilization. Complexes with an open   coordination sell around the metal center are demonstrated to   show enhanced activity towards reactive landing in comparison to   fully ligated species. In situ TOF-SIMS analysis indicates that   the immobilized complexes exhibit behavior consistent with   catalytic activity when exposed to gaseous reagents.

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