Grant Johnson - Characterization of the Ion Beam Focusing in a Mass Spectrometer Using an IonCCD (TM) Detector

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  Volume:   22

    Issue: 8

    Pages: 1388-1394


Published: AUG 2011


    A position sensitive pixel-based detector array, referred to as   the IonCCD, has been employed to characterize the ion optics and   ion beam focusing in a custom built mass spectrometer designed   for soft and reactive landing of mass-selected ions onto   surfaces. The IonCCD was placed at several stages along the path   of the ion beam to determine the focusing capabilities of the   various ion optics, which include an electrodynamic ion funnel,   two radiofrequency (rf)-only collision quadrupoles, a mass   resolving quadrupole, a quadrupole bender, and two einzel lens   assemblies. The focusing capabilities of the rf-only collision   quadrupoles and einzel lenses are demonstrated by large decreases   in the diameter of the ion beam. In contrast, the mass resolving   quadrupole is shown to significantly defocus the mass-selected   ion beam resulting in an expansion of the measured ion beam   diameter. Combined with SIMION simulations, we demonstrate that   the IonCCD can identify minor errors in the alignment of   charged-particle optics that result in erratic trajectories and   significant deflections of the ion beam. This information may be   used to facilitate the design, assembly, and maintenance of   custom-built mass spectrometry instrumentation.

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