Grant Johnson - Monodisperse Au-11 Clusters Prepared by Soft Landing of Mass Selected Ions

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  Volume:   83

    Issue: 21

    Pages: 8069-8072


Published: NOV 1 2011


    Preparation of clean monodisperse samples of clusters and   nanoparticles for characterization using cutting-edge analytical   techniques is essential to understanding their size-dependent   properties. Herein, we report a general method for the   preparation of high surface coverage samples of monodisperse   clusters containing an exact number of atoms. Polydisperse   solutions of diphosphine-capped gold clusters were produced by   reduction synthesis. Electrospray ionization was used to   introduce the clusters into the gas phase where they were   filtered by mass-to-charge ratio allowing clusters of a selected   size to be deposited onto carbon coated copper grids at well   controlled kinetic energies. Scanning transmission electron   microscopy (STEM) analysis of the soft landed clusters confirms   their monodispersity and high coverage on the substrate. The soft   landing approach may be extended to other materials compatible   with an array of available ionization techniques and, therefore,   has widespread utility as a means for controlled preparation of   monodisperse samples of nanoparticles and clusters for analysis   by transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

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