Samantha Desmarais - Peptidoglycan at its peaks: how chromatographic analyses can reveal bacterial cell-wall structure and assembly

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      The   peptidoglycan (PG) cell wall is a unique macromolecule   responsible for both shape determination and cellular integrity   under osmotic stress in virtually all bacteria. A quantitative   understanding of the relationships between PG architecture,   morphogenesis, immune system activation and pathogenesis can   provide molecular-scale insights into the function of proteins   involved in cell wall synthesis and cell growth. We present a   primer on the basic chemical features of wall structure that can   be revealed through HPLC, along with a description of the   applications of HPLC PG analyses for interpreting the effects of   genetic and chemical perturbations to a variety of bacterial   species in different environments.

        Molecular Microbiology. 2013   Jul;89(1):1-13.


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