Vanraj Thakor - Synthesis and Anticancer activity of Flavone Derivatives against Estrogen Dependent Cancers by rational approach

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      Vanraj   Thakor, J Kher, F Bhayani, B Atodaria, M Noolvi, Synthesis and   Anticancer activity of Flavone Derivatives against Estrogen   Dependent Cancers by rational approach, PharmaTutor, 2014, 2(2),   33-43


      Aromatase and 17-ßHSD inhibitors are main target of   pharmacological interest for the treatment of

      estrogen dependent cancers. Chalcones, Coumarins, Flavones,   Isoflavones have been reported for such

      inhibition and are used for treatment of breast tumors. So in   this topic, Flavone derivatives containing

      Imidathiadiazole, Thiadiazole, Triazole and benzimidazole   hetrocycles synthesised by using simple

      laboratory reagents like 2-Hydroxy Acetophenone and 4-Hydroxy   Benzaldehyde to convert chalcone

      leads to formation of Flavones by cyclization using Microwave and   followed by attachment of different

      hetrocycles to form Flavone derivatives and characterized by IR,   1H NMR, 13C NMR spectroscopy and

      elemental analysis. These Flavone derivatives found to exhibit   moderate to high inhibitory activity

      against Estrogen dependent cancers.

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