Samantha Desmarais - Quantitative Experimental Determination of Primer-Dimer Formation Risk by Free-Solution Conjugate Electrophoresis

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      To   gain better understanding of biophysical parameters constraining   primer–dimer

      formation   between primers that incorporate barcode sequences, I developed   a

      capillary   electrophoresis method that utilizes drag-tag-DNA conjugates to   quantify

      dimerization   risk between primer-barcode pairs. Results obtained with this   unique freesolution

      conjugate   electrophoresis approach are useful as quantitatively precise   input

      data   to parameterize computation models of dimerization risk. The use   of

      free-solution   electrophoresis in combination with a peptoid drag-tag and   different

      fluorophores   enabled precise separation of short DNA fragments to establish a   new

      mobility   shift assay for detection of primer–dimer formation.

        Electrophoresis 2012,33:   483–491.


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