Marco Antonio Bueno Filho - A contribution of the Conceptual Fields Theory for the study of interdisciplinarity.

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      LOPES, S. A. G.; BUENO FILHO, M. A.; NAVARRO, D. N. ; LOPES, E.   C. D.

      10th biannual Conference of the European Science Educ. Research   Association, 2013, Nicosia, Cyprus.


      The present study aims to investigate the predicative knowledge   of teachers about use of interdisciplinary planning of scientific   projects in high school. Data collection was conducted in the   context of an extension course at Universidade Federal do ABC.   The teacher participants were referred by their area of training:   Biology (BT), Physics (PT), Geography (GT) and Chemistry (CT).   Was proposed a questionary with different tasks - an task that   explored the predicative knowledge's form and another that   explored the operatory form. We propose that the disciplinary   integration degree as a concept-in-act essential in planning   interdisciplinary activities. Admitting a task more operative   than another, we suggest to be need translations's schemes to   transform the predicative knowledge in an operative way of   thinking. Not only the concept of interdisciplinarity is unclear   to teachers before it lacks adequate translation schemes to form   operative knowledge.

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