Molla Islam - Self assembly of rod-coil and coil-rod-coil pseudo block copolymers based on perylene tetracarboxylic diimide in aqueous and non-aqueous media and in bulk.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Sundararajan, P. R., Islam, Molla R.,   Abstracts of Papers, 242nd ACS National Meeting &   Exposition, Denver, CO, United States, August 28-September 1,   2011, 2011, pp POLY-94

  Abstract: We describe the self assembly of two   types of rod-coil mols. in aq. and non- aq. media as well as in   bulk. We attached water sol. Jeffamine to one side (MJPTCDI) or   both sides (DJPTCDI) of perylene diimide. The perylene segment   self assembles in water and the extent of self assembly can be   changed almost linearly by the addn. of e.g, acetone. The   aggregation is also stable up to 90 C in water. For non-aq.   systems, we attached polystyrene to both ends of perylene diimide   (PS-PTCDI-PS). Contrary to the usual behavior of aggregation in   block-selective solvents, the perylene segment does not self   assemble in the good solvents for polystyrene. The extended   conformation of PS promotes C-H ... π interaction between the Ph   group and perylene preventing the self assembly of perylene.   Cryst. aggregates are seen in drop cast films. This offers a   route to design polymer dispersed aggregate photoconductors. [on   SciFinder(R)]

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