Jason Schaff - A Gas Chromatography–Thermal Conductivity Detection Method for Helium Detection in Postmortem Blood and Tissue Specimens

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  Schaff, Karas, and Marinetti, "A Gas Chromatography–Thermal   Conductivity Detection Method for Helium Detection in Postmortem   Blood and Tissue Specimens", Journal of Analytical Toxicology, v.   36,112–115, 2012.


  In cases of death by inert gas asphyxiation, it can be difficult   to obtain toxicological evidence supporting assignment of a cause   of death. Because of its low mass and high diffusivity, and its   common use as a carrier gas, helium presents a particular   challenge in this respect. We describe a rapid and simple gas   chromatography– thermal conductivity detection method to   qualitatively screen a variety of postmortem biological specimens   for the presence of helium. Application of this method is   demonstrated with three case examples, encompassing an array of   different biological matrices.

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