Ralf Haiges - Fluoride-Ion Acceptor Properties of WSF4: Synthesis, Characterization, and Computational Study of the WSF5- and W2S2F9- Anions and 19F NMR Spectroscopic Characterization of the W2OSF9- Anion.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Nieboer, Jared, Haiges, Ralf, Hillary,   William, Yu, Xin, Richardet, Tyler, Mercier, Helene P. A.,   Gerken, Michael., Inorg. Chem., 2012,   51 (11), pp 6350-6359

  Abstract: The new [NMe4][WSF5] salt was   synthesized by two preparative methods: (a) by reaction of WSF4   with [NMe4][F] in MeCN and (b) directly from WF6 using the new   sulfide-transfer reagent [NMe4][SSiMe3]. The [NMe4][WSF5] salt   was characterized by Raman, IR, and 19F NMR spectroscopy and   [NMe4][WSF5]·MeCN by x-ray crystallog. The reaction of WSF4 with   half an aliquot of [NMe4][F] yielded [NMe4][W2S2F9], which was   characterized by Raman and 19F NMR spectroscopy and by x-ray   crystallog. The WSF5- and W2S2F9- anions were studied by d.   functional theory calcns. The novel [W2OSF9]- anion was obsd. by   19F NMR spectroscopy in a MeCN soln. of WOF4 and WSF5-, as well   as MeCN solns. of WSF4 and WOF5-. [on SciFinder(R)]

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