Peter Hsieh - Chemical and thermophysical characterization of an algae-based hydrotreated renewable diesel fuel

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  Hsieh, Peter Y., Widegren, Jason A., Fortin, Tara J., Bruno,   Thomas J., Energy Fuels, 2014, 28(5),   3192-3205.


  Second-generation   renewable fuels are synthesized through biochemical and   thermochemical processes from non-food biomass feedstock. The   resultant fuels are similar to aliphatic synthetic fuels produced   through the Fischer-Tropsch process, which contain mainly linear   and lightly branched alkanes. We applied the advanced   distillation curve method to an algae-based hydrotreated   renewable naval distillate fuel (HRD-76) to measure its boiling   temperature as a function of distillate volume fraction. Analysis   of the bulk fuel sample through nuclear magnetic resonance   spectroscopy, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry showed the   principal components to be linear and branched alkanes containing   fourteen to eighteen carbon atoms. The speed of sound and density   of the fuel were estimated from its composition and compared with   experimental data measured with a density and sound speed   analyzer. The estimates were within 5 % of the experimental   values. The boiling temperature, density and composition data   were used to estimate the calculated cetane index of the fuel. We   also measured the cloud point of the fuel through a constant   cooling rate method with optical detection of paraffin wax   precipitation. The measured cloud point was consistent with   reported values for hydrotreated renewable fuels, which tend to   be higher than cloud points of diesel fuels derived from   petroleum. The quantitative thermophysical and chemical data can   be used to improve combustion modeling of HRD-76 and other   second-generation renewable fuels.

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