Ralf Haiges - Preparation and Characterization of the Binary Group 13 Azides M(N3)3 and M(N3)3·CH3CN (M = Ga, In, Tl), [Ga(N3)5]2-, and [M(N3)6]3- (M = In, Tl).

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Haiges, Ralf, Boatz, Jerry A., Williams,   Jodi M., Christe, Karl O., Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.,   2011, 50 (38), pp 8828-8833,   S8828/1-S8828/84

  Abstract: The extremely shock-sensitive Group 13   triazides Ga(N3)3, In(N3)3, and Tl(N3)3 were prepd. in SO2 and   CH3CN solns. The use of the corresponding fluoride starting   materials and SO2 as solvent provides a convenient synthesis for   the neat free triazides and firmly established the existence of   Tl triazide. In CH3CN, the new M(N3)3-CH3CN donor-acceptor   adducts were obtained. Reactions of the triazides with either   stoichiometric amts. or an excess of Ph4P+ azide in CH3CN yield   exclusively the novel [Ga(N3)5]2-, [In(N3)6]3-, and [Tl(N3)6]3-   anions, the 1st examples of multiply charged Group 13 polyazido   anions. Also, the series M(N3)3, M(N3)3·CH3CN, [M(N3)4]-,   [M(N3)5]2-, and [M(N3)6]3- (M = Ga, In, Tl) was studied by theor.   calcns. [on SciFinder(R)]

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