Jaime Cesar - Optimization of preparation method of kerogen samples for their characterization by diffuse reflectance – Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (DR-FTIR).

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      Venezuelan Journal of Earth Sciences 34


      With a sample of kerogen   from Maracaibo Basin (La Luna
      Formation in its Maraca brook section), the method to   characterize kerogen by
      diffuse reflectance – Fourier transformed - infrared spectroscopy   has been
      optimized. Trough obtaining spectra for 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20%   mixtures of kerogen
      in KBr matrix and varying certain processing parameters, it is   recognized that
      the optimum ratio is the 5% mixture with a total of 40 scans per   analysis. The
      behavior of signal intensity, the base line characteristics and   the influence
      of humid-absorbed water were evaluated. The study aims to test   the advantages
      of the technique and then to shape the analysis as an important   complement to
      geochemical information for the understanding of petroleum   systems,
      specifically petroleum generation which is an especially   interesting area in
      Venezuela. In this way, the technique could be used for   establishing and
      applying compositional parameters of kerogen samples and other   similar organic

        Key words:   diffuse, infrared, kerogen, optimization, reflectance.

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