Ralf Haiges - (1) Selenium(IV) fluoride and oxofluoride anions.

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Christe, Karl O., Dixon, David A., Haiges,   Ralf, Hopfinger, Mathias, Jackson, Virgil E., Klapoetke, Thomas   M., Krumm, Burkhard, Scherr, Matthias., J. Fluorine   Chem., 2010, 131 (7), pp 791-799

  Abstract: The [((C6H5)3P)2N]+, [(C6H5)4P]+ and   [N(CH3)4]+ salts of SeF5-, SeF62- and SeOF3- and CsSeO2F were   prepd. and characterized. Crystal structures were obtained for   [((C6H5)3P)2N][SeF5] and [((C6H5)3P)2N][SeOF3] CH2Cl2. In   contrast to oxygen-bridged dimeric TeOF3-, the SeOF3- anion in   [((C6H5)3P)2N][SeOF3] CH2Cl2 is monomeric and represents the   first exptl. well detd. mol. structure of a monomeric   trifluoro-chalcogenide anion. Similarly, [((C6H5)3P)2N][SeF5]   represents the first example of a structure contg. a   well-isolated undistorted SeF5 - anion. The NMR and the   vibrational spectra and their assignments were re-examd. and cor.   by comparison with high-level theor. calcns. Whereas the   previously published normal coordinate anal. of SeF5- is correct,   that for SeOF3- needs major revision. [on SciFinder(R)]

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