Arijit Das - New Methods for the prediction of Magnetic Moment of **** and hetero nuclear diatomic molecules or ions without MOT-A Rapid Innovative Approach

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      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

      International J of Advance Research in Applied Chemistry,   1(10),Oct-2013 issue, SCI Pub., ISSN 2320-9178

      Publication Date: Nov 29, 2013

      Publication Name: SCI Publication, USA

    DR ARIJIT DAS, Ph.D., MACS(Invited, USA), FICS,FISC,FIAFS (India) - Google Scholar Citations


        Prediction of magnetic moment without M.O.T. is of vital   important tool to students of applied chemistry for solving   different kinds of problems related to magnetic behavior. In this   manuscript I try to present a simplest time saving innovative   method for the identification of magnetic behavior of **** and   hetero nuclear mono and diatomic molecules or ions having total   electrons

        (01-20) excluding MOT concept. This method is not applicable for   polyatomic molecules such as BCl3, CCl4, SO2 etc.

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