Sugosh Prabhu - Solute dynamics in block-copolymer reverse micelles: Do water content and copolymer concentration alter the microenvironment?

Document created by Sugosh Prabhu on Aug 22, 2014
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  J. Chem. Phys. 140, 234905   (2014);


  Solute dynamics has been   explored in reverse micelles  formed with the triblock   copolymer (EO)–(PO)–(EO) (L64),   where EO and PO represent ethylene oxide and propylene oxide   units, respectively, with small amounts of water in -xylene. To this effect, nonradiative rate   constants ( ) and   reorientation times (τ ) of two carbocyanine derivatives,   3,3′-diethyloxadicarbocyanine iodide (DODCI) and merocyanine 540   (MC 540) have been measured at   different mole ratios of water to copolymer () and also at three copolymer concentrations. By examining the   nonradiative rate constants and the reorientation times of the   two solutes, the   microenvironment offered by L64/water/-xylene reverse micellar system has been investigated. It   has been observed that there is no variation in the nonradiative   rate constants as well as in the reorientation times of both   DODCI and MC 540 with an   increase in and [L64]. Since   represents   activated twist motion about the double bonds for these   solutes, it is sensitive to   the local friction and likewise, τ also provides   information about the microenvironment. Thus, the results of this   study indicate that DODCI and MC 540 are located in the cores of the L64   reverse micelles that are made   up of hydrated ethylene oxide blocks and the hydration levels are   not altered despite an increase in the water content and   copolymer concentration. In   other words, there is no variation in the microenvironment   offered by L64/water/-xylene   reverse micellar system upon   increasing and [L64].

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