Idriss Blakey - A., The rational design of polymeric EUV resist materials by QSPR modelling.

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  Jack, K.; Liu, H.; Blakey, I.; Hill, D.; Wang, Y.; Cao, H.;   Leeson, M.; Denbeaux, G.; Waterman, J.; Whittaker,  Proc.   SPIE 2007, 6519, 65193Z.

  DOI: 10.1117/12.716213


  We present the initial results of the development of a   qualitative structure property relationship (QSPR) model to guide   in the design and synthesis of high-sensitivity, non-CAR   materials for EUV lithography. The model was developed using the   fragmentation data of low molecular weight species at 70 eV using   a mass spectrometer (MS) with an electron ionization source as   the input parameter. The preliminary model has highlighted a   number of structural elements which will be important in the   future design of resists, however, limitations with the current   set of input data for molecules which fragment readily have been   identified and these are currently being addressed. Additionally,   a correlation between &ggr (1 MeV) and EUV (92 eV) radiolysis   of selected polymers has been established and it is proposed that   the higher energy (1 MeV) irradiation source is a suitable model   process for EUV and can, therefore, be used in the future   screening of polymeric materials.

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