Sathesh Kumar Annamalai - One-step green synthesis and characterization of leaf extract-mediated biocompatible silver and gold nanoparticles from Memecylon umbellatum

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  Arunachalam, K D, Annamalai, S K, Hari, S, Arunachalam, K D,   Annamalai, S K, Kuruva, J K, Arunachalam, Kantha D., Subhashini,   S., Annamalai, Sathesh Kumar, Arunachalam, Kantha D, Arunachalam,   Aarrthy M, Jayakrishna, K, Annamalai, Sathesh Kumar, Meenakumari,   S, Arunachalam, K D, Annamalai, Sathesh Kumar, Raghavendra, R,   Arunachalam, K, Annamalai, S K, Arunachalam, A M, Annamalai,   Sathesh Kumar, Arunachalam, Kantha Deivi, Sathyanarayanan, K.S.,   Kumar, V. R. Prasath, Sathayanarayanan, Kumar, K. R. Prasath,   Annamalai, S K, Arunachalam, K D, Sathyanarayanan, K S,   Arunachalam, K D, Annamalai, S K, Baskaran, K V, Rajaram, S, Jha,   S K, Sreedevi, Jin, G, Prabhakaran, M P, Kai, D, Annamalai, S K,   Arunachalam, K D, Ramakrishna, S International Journal of   Nanomedicine 2013 8 (6) 1307-1315


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